Brief history of

Al Mansur Air Service Ltd

Our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Mansur Ali Khan began his journey within the travel agency in 1990 with an intention to provide honest services to the customers. In 1992, he went onto the 1st hajj pilgrimage with only 6 hajjis.

In 2001 we received the hajj licence and in 2003, the Umrah licence. Since the beginning, we have now helped thousands of Muslim Ummah perform Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. Ever since the beginning, Mr. Khan has flown himself with the Hajjis every year to ensure the Hajjis get the best services possible.

Govt. approved

Hajj and Umrah agent in Sylhet . Hajj license no. 022, Umrah license no. 004, Recruitment license no. 568

Why customers preffer

Al Mansur Air Service Ltd

Within a short period of time Al Mansur Air Service has successfully won customers trust and loyalty with invincible travel services for pilgrimages and employee recruitment services.

As well as providing our customers with air ticket bookings, we facilitate hotel reservations whilst providing solutions on planning itineraries for Holy travel.

Furthermore, we facilitate righteous tours for Hajj and Umrah. Altogether, we complete an itinerary for each customer by providing all required services in one place, making it the top choice for every righteous traveller.

Our services are very competitively priced within the travel industry. With our travel agency, the customers achieve trust worthy, first class services for great value for money.

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